His & Hers
Copywriting, Photography

A short photographic project exploring the theme of values and lifestyles (VALS). 
The task was to capture a portrait of an individual by recording the objects they surround themselves with; items that describe their character and values.​​​​​​​
“Brenda (83) is my grandmother’s sister. She lives in Portscatho (a small fishing village in Cornwall) with her husband, Tony, who she now cares for. The decor and appliances inside their house have barely changed since the 1960s, when it was first built. Tony is no longer very mobile so they spend a lot of their time at home, reading The Daily Mail (Brenda) and watching television (Tony). Brenda doesn’t like leaving Tony for too long, so every morning she wakes up a couple of hours before he does to do the housework and run any errands. Their days are fairly routine. After getting Tony up, Brenda makes an effort to take him for a drive – often to St. Mawes, where they sit and watch the sailing boats, or Tesco if they need to buy some food. Brenda isn’t a big spender, although she is loyal to certain brands. Tragically their only son, Guy, passed away, but they have three grandsons who visit occasionally. The best way to contact Brenda is via the landline – her basic mobile phone is exclusively for emergencies.”
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