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Joyfal is an initiative with the simple aim to spread joy around Falmouth (and beyond!) while promoting handcrafted activities. 
Why? Making others smile is proven to boost your own happiness and studies show that happier people have a greater tendency to give, meaning even the smallest action can spark a chain of positivity. Kindness is contagious, spreading from one person to the next, influencing the behaviour of people who never saw the original act. We believe the little things can make the biggest difference – it only takes a moment to brighten someone’s day! 
In a world where we spend so much of our time online, it’s the tangible things that have the greatest impact. That’s why we believe that handmade crafts and personalised messages are the perfect way to make people smile. ​​​​​​​
Delivering joy, from Fal…
Joyfal is for everyone! We work with people of all ages from an array of communities, to help spread our message as far as possible.
Joyfal began as a postcard delivery service, giving students and staff at Falmouth University the opportunity to make someone smile.
Since then, we have held events at Toast Pop-up Arts Fair, Falmouth Library and Falmouth Art Gallery. We have also hosted workshops at King Charles CE School and Penryn Memory Café; a welcoming and safe space for people with dementia. Our Joyfal Journals can be found in independent cafés around Falmouth and a number of design studios further afield! Following each event, we create a publication to document the experience and inspire other positive acts.
Have a read of our publications at
The following images reveal a bit more about who we are and what we’ve been up to!
You can see more at *COMING SOON*, or follow us on Instagram/Twitter @joyfalness!
Co-founded by myself, Claudia Aggett and Mollie Baker
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