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Write a story about a specific experience in your life. Then, find a meaningful and compelling way to express it in the form of a book. 
My narrative, Heartwood, is centred around the memory of my home and childhood, in rural Suffolk. Just as a tree’s internal growth rings reveal a record of its youth, experiences are preserved within us and may be relived via memory. Our earliest memories make up our core – our ‘heartwood’. I have used plants as a motif, representing not only growth (the transition from childhood to adulthood), but also a sense of place. 
Certain plant species are confined to specific locations and are therefore powerful symbols of the places in which they grow. The oxlip is the county flower of Suffolk and its distribution in Great Britain is confined to the region of East Anglia, making it a distinctive image of my home; the countryside and wildflower meadows of rural Suffolk. Having read the text, readers experience my memory for themselves by unearthing this flower, ‘a piece of home’ that exists at the heart of the book, wherever it is carried.
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